Canada Geese Invasion

Queens Marsh at Dartington is being (re) created into a biodiverse wetland habitat: attractive for wading birds, fish, dragonflies, bats, maybe even otters.

Unfortunately, its proving to be a bit too attractive to birds that are fast becoming something of a pest in the UK: Canada Geese.

There were 200 or more grazing the grass and pulling plants out of the ponds when I was there yesterday afternoon.

A conservation attempt in the summer to seed several reed beds failed, due to all these marauding, devouring, Canada Geese.

It looked like the Pests Geese had invaded and totally taken over the Marshes.
Whats to be done? Corralling? Culling? Sending back to Canada?

Filming & Vid: Ian Nisbet


Seal at The Weir (+ cormorants)

I saw a seal in the swollen river Dart by Totnes weir this afternoon.

Cormorants were feeding (and resting up) too.

Must be rich fish pickings in the water fast torrenting down off the Moors.

I was ‘sealed’ in a bubble for an hour, absorbed in the flow.

Filming & Vid: Ian Nisbet.

Bless You Blackbird

There’s been no blackbird in the back garden since August.

Had they abandoned, forsaken, us?
No. This fit young chap suddenly appeared at dawn yesterday.

Haze was overjoyed.
Never has a blackbird been more wanted, more welcome.

A portent perhaps of hopeful things, and happier times, to come.

‘Bless you blackbird’ indeed.

Filming (& crying): Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet

Limping Lunching Sheep

Ashburton Sheep Nov

An hour before the dentist. What to do? Go and see some sheep.

Even though I was 300 feet away I attracted plenty of sheepish interest.

There were some rather silly sheep stood around (in my mind silly and sheep are synonomous)

This sheep appeared to have six legs.

Ashburton Sheep C Nov

Other sheep appeared to be having trouble with their legs.

Limping about on sore feet.

Ashburton Sheep Nov

Some sheep could barely stand up.

So they sunk down on bended knee.

Ashburton Sheep D Nov

To carry on tucking in to grass.

Even if limping, lunching must go on.