Day: September 19, 2014

Supermoon me

A second supermoon to follow the supermoon of last month.

So I’m filming again (through the kitchen window) At midnight I’ve gone out to film from under the silver birches. And then over by the car park through the sturdy beeches.

A soft pillow of cotton cloud has appeared, hung there like a giant mushroom ball. Zooming the camera in I see half formed faces and figures, I see ghostly apparitions, I see ‘moon-elves’.

It feels like this super moon has come to meet me this time.

It feels like the moon is in me, is for me. Close and personal. Intimate and revealing.

When I load vid clips onto the laptop I’m astonished by what I see, amazed.

This film reflects my astonishment. My amazement.

(Video: Ian Nisbet)

I’m perturbed, yes. I’m perplexed, yes.

But I’m also strangely comforted.

We are being watched. We are being seen (by what we don’t see)  We are being known (by what we don’t know)

We are not alone!