Full Falling Moon

I’m becoming a bit of a moon-maniac (writes Ian).

This is the 3rd successive month of moons I’ve filmed and marveled at (through kitchen window)

This moon wasn’t as intimate as last months supermoon (the one with all the ghosty cloud-faces) High-rising clouds made it appear as it were fast falling, racing to get its job done (and pack in early for the night) being pulled to, rather than pulling from, the earth.

(Video; Ian Nisbet)

So that’s my Moon Trilogy.

Think I’ve probably exhausted mooning from the kitchen window.

Possible future moons?

A midnight moonlake (on Dartmoor)?

A moon tinkling into the river Dart?

Or a moon casting spells into a shimmery silent sea?

I don’t know. Maybe I should just leave these lovely other moons to romancers.


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