Buttering Breezes

Buttering BreezesIf you go down to the sea today
You will see a fine lady
In a caff by the window
Eating toast drinking tea
Please dont think that she may
Not or even that you maybe
Be sure to smile
To give her a
Warm wave
As she sits there
Sipping sea
Buttering breezes

(Poem: Ian Nisbet. Drawing: Hazel Brown)


Hazel wrote: I felt that if I wrote the poem on a piece of paper, which I did, and put in my pocket, then something of you would be there ……. does this make any sense? ……

It did to me and proved to be one of the best walks, with the inevitable… tea and toast …. sitting outside a cafe… high above the cliffs  …. gazing out to sea ….  the weather was amazing, incredibly warm …….. birds singing ….  butterflies, ladybirds … wasps ….. every kind of creature had zipped back out of hibernation

And so this morning…

I was… sipping sea…and buttering breezes … exactly as you had predicted……


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