Reasons To Be Cheerful ….. (Part 37)

All those little moments that make memories….

Walking towards the ringing of faraway church bells . .(Ian)
Watching the waves crash onto rocks..(Hazel)
Holding a babies warm little fingers (Ian)
Laughing with friends. …. (Hazel)
Toast crumbs im the bed! (Ian)
Big warm close hugs. ….that feeling of being enveloped against a rough wool coat. …. (Hazel)
The smell of strong coffee on a cold winter day (Ian)
Snuggling under the duvet on a freezing cold winter night. …..(Hazel)
A donkeys big ears (Ian)
Looking out on the first snowfall,early on a winter morning when the world has an eerie stillness n silence. …. (Hazel)
Cold plums straight out the fridge . . (Ian)
The smell of steam trains. .. (Hazel)
Waiting for the train . . (Ian)
Anticipation. ….pulling out of a station. ….beginning the journey. …..(Hazel)
Getting lost in strange places (Ian)
Streets. ..steps. .and alleyways. ….smells. …and heat. ….half heard conversations……. (Hazel)
Wearing a pair of beautiful new shoes (Ian)
Lying on hot sand ….eyes closed. ….hearing. …the waves. (Hazel)
The taste of sun burnt skin after a day on the beach (Ian)
The smell of old summerhouses and dusty sheds.. …. (Hazel)
The sound of ball clacking against willow (Ian)
A good film. ….that leaves it’s imprint for hours and. ..days (Hazel)
Old men whistling in their allotments (Ian)
Opening an ancient.. .book. ..the crinkle of pages. … (Hazel)
Ticking of clocks. …. (Hazel)
Standing in a wood. …a silence that isn’t silent..(Hazel)
Foraging for mushrooms in old forests (Ian)
Foraging for toadstool houses and faeries… (Hazel)
Jam sandwiches! (Ian)
Jam damson sandwiches (Hazel)
The next cup of tea (Ian)
That you’re going to make…..! (Hazel)

………. To be continued………

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