Day: January 3, 2015

Winter Birch Starlings

Well, I think they’re starlings (writes Ian). Had a look online on various bird identification websites. They’re the right colour (blackish) the right size (middlish) the right sounds (sweet and sharpish) the right behaviours (flocking about with loads of mates) and the right flying (chasing around fast in curvy flips, and fluttery backspins)

I’m becoming a bit of obsessed with this silver birch. I can look into it for ages.

And all of lively lovely life is there. A multitude of clouds, winds, rains, suns, birds.

As wise Wislawa (Szymborska) says:

 All is mine but nothing owned,

nothing owned for memory,

and mine only while I look.

(Video: Ian Nisbet)