The Undine and The Girl

I don’t know what to call this vid (yet) Probably words like ‘yearning’ and ‘longing’ and ‘suffering’ and ‘sorrow’ would fit in somewhere. And the Undine could be another kind of water-being and may mysteriously one day tell us its name.

And the Undine is an ‘It’ for now. I see a Her and Hazel sees a Him.

The girl has to swim away. The Undine needs to swim towards. The Undine wants to claw and to clutch and to hold and to have. The Undine wants to claim the girl so as to bring her home.

But the girl doesn’t want to return home.

They are in this synchronous swum-hung state with one another. Symbiotically together, but tantalisingly apart.

Who has the power here? Which one is ascendant? Which one is helpless?

The girl seems oblivious of the Undine’s suffering.

This ‘vision’ (and Hazels picture) were all inspired by the music you hear in the vid – Sigur Ros’s Saeglopur. Watching and listening to the vid might conjure up all sorts of aches of agonies.

(Video: Ian Nisbet Drawings: Hazel Brown)

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