Month: May 2015

The Sun is Saying Poems

Simon Barmybits wakes up, picks up his pen – well, his mobile phone

And attempts to sun the morning in….

….Inside pigeon grey sky sits sun calmly roosting . . . .

……A pale poached morning of runny yellow . . .

…….The sun sat on slow simmer bubbling up summer . . .

…..The sky munching in morning through a gassy gob of sun , . . . .

…..A ducky sun is slow slopped in slips of sky . , . .

…..The sun pokes its tongue out and raspberry farts the day! . .

Simona Brownybits wakes up, picks up her quill – well, her mobile phone

And attempts to sun the morning in

…The sun slithers soft…soon silenced by slinky shadows soaking the scene…..

……The sun all glare and glister…leaks her liquid light…..

……The sun straddles the land with her knickers down…..

Simon Armitage? You are out of a job mate!

The Echo of Your Breath

The echo of your breath
is here in my room,
light liquid tenderness flows
through my heart

as the touch of fingers
like snowflakes,
break upon my skin

Threads of honey’ed kisses
will fly on the night air
from my soft lips
to yours

Your soul has woven itself
into my hair

Hazel Brown, 17 May 2015

Special Shop

Are you able to text me what you would like from Lidls,? (Hazel)

Get me a bumper pack of Zowiees. ….

A large tin of Happy . . .

And a bottle of that bubbly Joy . . .

Oh . . And a slice of your fingers on toast if poss . . . .

Oh . . . And a big roll of “I Love Yous” . . .

They are on special offer this week . . . .

Fankyooverimooch!! . . . . . (Ian)