Sundogs or Mock Suns

Sundogs 2 editJPG

On a couple of occasions, this past week, I’ve been extremely fortunate to witness two sightings of Sundogs writes Hazel. An unusual phenomenon, seen in the skies when the Sun is low on the horizon. On the first evening, around 7pm…I noticed just the one, on the left side of the Sun, as a halo with a rainbow effect on one side of this orb, and a bluish-White tail streaming away from it. On the second evening, two Sundogs appeared, each on either side of the bright Sun.

“The distance from the Sun of both spots of light, is equivalent to the outstretched span of a hand held up at arm’s length. Sundogs are brightest when the Sun is low, and visible only when it’s below about 40 degrees from the horizon.” Gavin Pretore-Pinney.

The two I observed, lasted for about an hour on the first evening, and around 90 minutes on the second evening, constantly changing shape, fading at times, only to return to their in the multicoloured with the bluish-White tail, as the Sun began to sink towards the horizon.

As a child, I can remember my Grandfather, who was then a fisherman, pointing out to me, this strange and rather magical happening, ‘ All to do with cold winds ‘ easterlies, I think, and the possibility of rain.

Sundog left edit


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