Have Camera, Will Look, This Seen

An adaptation of the obscure indications Eric Satie gave to pianists playing his pieces “The Gnossiennes (writes Ian). Its all about trying to misdirect your perception to look “elsewhere”.

“Provide yourself with confusion”
Unnoun Knowns. Thrash Facts. Shred Thens. Begin with Ends.

“The unturned corner”
You didn’t dare turn. But now you do.

“Be back to front”
As a right to left.
Wipe away wrong. Rub off right.
Pick up what is over the top.

Be prepared to drop.

“Open handedness”
Palm as landing,
Finger is launching
Point forwarding
Click click click click

“Bumbly as a Bee”
Bumbly. Bum. bly. Being. A Bee.
Alighting. Delighting.

With feeting.

Press pause.
Wait. As long as.
As far as.
Resume play.

“To the Honey”
In Flowerment.
Gracious. Greeting

“Being Bottle”
Step toward.
What cacks.
Yours pants.

Seeing. Unseen.
Hid hunter.
Zoom in.
Capture. This.
Meaty moment.

“Dance an inner jiggle”
Without moving a muscle. Feel unsweatily, hormonally, moved.

“Very foolish”
Sat on the toilet is you.
Farty pants. Remember?

“Like a cat with a dream”
Daft face. Oblivious. Stuck stuffed out tongue. Lapel it.

“Last Look”
At the duck.
Go back.

– Written by Ian Nisbet


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