A little back garden, being summerly

An afternoon of Summer Saturdaying (writes Ian).

Of laying down a rug, having tea from cups and saucers, dipping in home-made sesame seed flapjacks.

The white Lily cat drowsing in the shady bushes.

Low flying aircraft droning in from about 40 years away.

Various wasps and bees and bumbles droning in and out of the purply flowers.

Comes a big rare Red Admiral butterfly. I’m up with camera to slowly, quietly, capture it avidly drinking.

I’m pointing and playing this camera over all these tiny sunshine guests in this little back garden, being summerly.

Its getting hot. Haze has flopped under a wide brimmed straw hat.

Three or fours hours have passed. Nothing much has needed to happen. And yet everything presently has been here, been instantly and immediately available.

The afternoon has been pregnant with being. Being delightful.

Video: Ian Nisbet


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