Nori Rolls on the Cliffs

This Saturday evening we’re up to The Woods again. Doing what is becoming our usual circular walk (writes Ian).

The evening is chilled out with Autumnal twinges.

Sat on the bench overlooking the sea where we’d seen the blue moon of a couple of Saturdays ago we ate our picnic: a box of nori rolls stuffed with rice and tuna, a box of salad, a flask of tea.

The dimp is dropping down. A bit of ‘space junk’ (satellite) shuttles by. Very few twinklies. None of those ‘Percy Edwards’ shooting stars we’d come looking for.

There’s no full moon to light our way back either. No bats are out. Hardly any moths. The camera is lamely pointed at some white bindweed popped about.

There has been nothing much up here to see tonight. And our dim torches are running out of battery. So it’s time to get off home.

‘The kettle still feels warm’ exclaims Haze when we get back.

Yeah, warmer than it was up there. Brrrr!!!

So no pictures to show and no video to see in this post.

Just the taste of those nori rolls.


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