Birthday Beautiful up on Shag Cliff

The Picnic edit

Picture: Hazel Brown

Walking up to here, our favourite spot, this sunny September Saturday afternoon. For Birthday treats!

We’ve got Birthday Boats, and Birthday Birds (those 2 hovering Kestrels) And now we’re going to have some Birthday Bunting!

And then let’s get the little camping stove out for some Birthday Bacon! Fried up with mushrooms and little cherry tomatoes. And drink Thermos tea with some Reuben cake.

It’s all being very Sunny-Delight. As warm, if not warmer, than any day we’d had back in wet August. This is a bit of Summer bouncing back to gift Haze some Birthday Blessing!

Walking back down the path we collect Birthday Blackberries for crumble. Yum!

Haze will look back on this afternoon in years to come and go ‘Mmmm’ I know where, what, and who I was doing my Birthday with in 2015. Bootiful it was!’

Words: Ian Nisbet


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