Month: October 2015

The Barenboim Beat

Haze and I were watching this Friday night Proms concert from a couple of months ago. Daniel Barenboims florid (some will say ‘passionate’ some might say ‘histrionic’) conducting of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra was fascinating. So much so, I stopped listening to the music completely and filmed a few clips of him ‘performing’ instead.

For this video I’ve muted what he conducted and substituted something that matches, or exaggerates, his OTT flamboyant antics.

No doubt he’s a very lovely man. But some of the slashing and swiping he does with his baton is a bit, er, scary.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Haze Heaven

Haze lying in sun

A bit of bliss is going on right here, right now

underneath these bread and cheese trees

next to the Cliffs (of Shag)

on this gorgeous Autumnal afternoon.

Sun is warm, sun is delicious, sun is burnishing…..
This is delightful…..

All I need now is a nice cup of tea
Thinks Hazel.

……. Oh!…. Mmmm …..

…………Here it comes!……..

Words & Photo: Ian Nisbet