Month: November 2015

Dance of the Sea Anenome

A book by Jean Sprackland called Strands ‘A Year of Discoveries of the Beach’ inspired a search for Squirts, and Sea Mouses, and all the other coastal beings that live beneath our feet, under our noses, within reach of our fingertips. I have to be honest and admit I never knew that such exotic creatures as Sea Squirts existed (Haze did, would poke them squirtily awake as a girl)

A YouTube clip of a Sea Anenome sashaying away is the basis for the little vid below. What a sexy suggestive mover. A dance done without legs!

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet. Drawing: Hazel Brown

Late Autumn Sensuals

Stormy paintings 1 edit

November changeover
To cloud dark days
Where drenched dripped woods
Echo through broke bone branches
The red gash of berries
Tangles of Briony
Warm the ragged trees
Now stripped of dignity
Their torn garments of
Green gold
Lay in tatters on rain-soaked roots
Mouldy-mush of toadstool litter
Gives worm and beetle winter beds.

Stormy paintings 2 edit

Owls cough
Fog obliterates
Senses keen
Night breaks into Windows
Where afternoon still lingers
Over tea and talk

Stormy paintings 3 edit

Fires and lamps light a room
Recently showered
With October sun.

There were walks
Along the Ridge
Above the cliff edge
To the wide bay of blue sea

Stormy paintings 4 edit
Here we found lovers
Loath to leave a spread rug…
Soft limbs…lips…fingers…
Seek the sensual comfort of each.

Poem & Drawings: Hazel Brown