Shags scope the shore

Around about this time (January) last year we were issuing one another challenges like this every day. I’d send Haze an early morning text asking her to draw any old thing that came into my head. And she’d send me a text back with random words as stimulus to a writing challenge.

This particular ‘challenge’ has had an extra degree of difficulty; I’ve been attempting to write it on the bus to and from work. Not easy. You can only write anything on a bus when it stops; at a stop, or traffic lights  – then you hastily get 30 seconds to scribble a few words down!

So here we go. Don’t look for any deeper meaning in this. It’s just me mucking about making words roll around on wobbly wheels. I mean, I don’t even know what kind of calls, if any, shags make!

Being Haselnuss Challenge No 14:  Shags, Shore, Green, Storm Force, Garrulous, Guile

Shags scope the shore
For green tailed tiddlers.
Their calls a garrulous,
Shirty, rasping.

I turn to you
With hand tight clasping.
Stick tongue down deep
Without you asking
To fish out kisses
From you gasping.

With greedy guile
I keep you guessing
For a while.

Obscure intent
Inside my seagull smile.

From far within blows
A Storm Force Ten
Of passionate kissings
And ravenous spittings

To knock us off the tethers
On which we are sitting.

Looked out to sea
The shags have gone.
Flown off to cliffs
The days fishing done.


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