Month: March 2016

Mischievous Messages

Here is the message I put in my bottle. It’s meant to be a bit cryptic (the vodka bottle its sloshing about in gives the game away really)

Message in a bottle edit

Haze wrote this version out for me. My less lovelier copy is in the bottle. And here is my typed version

I was Alive once

I lived the life of a

I saw how ± could be overcome by Қ

I kissed foamy Ͽ from the mouth of a Ố

I caressed Ộ out of Ѽ with my velveteen tongue

I tasted the sweet nectar of slippery ѯ Goddesses

I sauced the secret § inside a bottle blonde Angel

I tipsied and tippled upon the Ỷ of her Tiddly

I corked Ŭ and Ế with dipsy dark ČĉĉČ

I lashed and monstered a row of 12 ÅÅ

I ≈≈≈ upon a rosy glowed bevy of Θ

In high spirits I communed with a skinful of ∫ ŠŞ∫

I heard occasional ♪ interspersed with ≈ silences

I experienced Ѽ torrents of white brilliant ecstasy

I was sometimes abashed but never a Щ Ƹ

I felt often amused and rarely !!

I made amends in lieu of ⱶⱵⱵⱵⱶ

I knew every ₸ of every Ԏ in the kingdom

I understood that to be Ấ is to become λ

I realised I could never thread the Ĭ through the Ń

In minutiae I marvelled, in great Ⱳ I gasped, and fell φ ing

I wished for ζ but got ₪ instead

I sought Solace instead of ¥ Surrender rather than Ҩ

I stayed true to my ∞ remained ∆ and speechless

I loved } ± Ѽ ± { dearly

When I, finally, lost my Ĩ I totally went ₲ Ấ Ğ Ä

And now I am here ŘїїÞ

No more •

To φick up the ₱ieces

Read the Яunes Ұ

Mix the Мєέessages

Sea the ŚĬĞ₦š

Make the MischiҼҾҿ f

Unfortunately we didn’t make a copy of the message – and 2 little sketches – Haze put in her bottle. But anybody who rescues either of these bottles from oblivion and lets us know who, and where, they are – will be rewarded with a Devon cream tea!

Easter Sunday on Shoalstone Beach

Haze has drawn this picture of our Easter Sunday excursion to Shoalstone beach.

Shoalstone message in bot edit

Our messages in bottles were flung into the rolling sea. The shags clapped. The seagulls yacked. The limpets could be heard cuckle chuckling inside their shells.

It was a bit too blowy to be hanging about for long. But we’ll be back. With buckets and nets. All you little crabby squirty fishies beware!

Messages in Bottles

On the spur of the moment we’ve driven over to Brixham in the grey ‘Graham’ Skoda (or is it ‘Emily’?) Meadfoot beach felt too rocky to launch our bottles from.

The nearer to her home town Brixham we get the more reminiscent Haze becomes.

Onto Shoalstone beach we toddle. These scrabbly stones and pebbles are where Haze spent many of her childhood days.

In she throws her yellow lidded peanut jar. In I throw my little Hungarian vodka bottle (I drank all its contents in Budapest one very very cold winters day several years ago)

My message is a cryptic word puzzle. And Haze has written a warm message of heartfelt greeting to whomever should find her bottle – with an invitation to share, to connect.

And our messages are motoring! They’re going. Taking off with the tide towards, well towards where? According to brother Pete they’ll be racing up the English Channel on the back of windy storm tides towards The Isle of Wight. And maybe they’ll go on, and on further, drift on to France, or float their way up into the North Sea. Who knows?!

I’ve taken a few video clips of the decanting and dispersing of our messagey bottles. And also of a shag emerging and submerging itself, flushing the sea for fishes.

Words & Video: Ian Nisbet

A Pair of Funny Kickers

We like our rugby do me and Haze. Watched most of the games in the Six Nations this winter.

The idiosyncratic goal kicking styles of the Welsh and English No 10’s have especially caught my eye (and made me smile)

Below is a little of vid of clips showing:

Dan Biggar ticcing and quirking his way through what seems like an obssessive Neuro-Linguistic-Programming fidgetting ritual.

And England’s Owen Farrell turning his gaze towards the goalposts like some swivel-headed Bird of Prey locked onto a mouse.