Mischievous Messages

Here is the message I put in my bottle. It’s meant to be a bit cryptic (the vodka bottle its sloshing about in gives the game away really)

Message in a bottle edit

Haze wrote this version out for me. My less lovelier copy is in the bottle. And here is my typed version

I was Alive once

I lived the life of a

I saw how ± could be overcome by Қ

I kissed foamy Ͽ from the mouth of a Ố

I caressed Ộ out of Ѽ with my velveteen tongue

I tasted the sweet nectar of slippery ѯ Goddesses

I sauced the secret § inside a bottle blonde Angel

I tipsied and tippled upon the Ỷ of her Tiddly

I corked Ŭ and Ế with dipsy dark ČĉĉČ

I lashed and monstered a row of 12 ÅÅ

I ≈≈≈ upon a rosy glowed bevy of Θ

In high spirits I communed with a skinful of ∫ ŠŞ∫

I heard occasional ♪ interspersed with ≈ silences

I experienced Ѽ torrents of white brilliant ecstasy

I was sometimes abashed but never a Щ Ƹ

I felt often amused and rarely !!

I made amends in lieu of ⱶⱵⱵⱵⱶ

I knew every ₸ of every Ԏ in the kingdom

I understood that to be Ấ is to become λ

I realised I could never thread the Ĭ through the Ń

In minutiae I marvelled, in great Ⱳ I gasped, and fell φ ing

I wished for ζ but got ₪ instead

I sought Solace instead of ¥ Surrender rather than Ҩ

I stayed true to my ∞ remained ∆ and speechless

I loved } ± Ѽ ± { dearly

When I, finally, lost my Ĩ I totally went ₲ Ấ Ğ Ä

And now I am here ŘїїÞ

No more •

To φick up the ₱ieces

Read the Яunes Ұ

Mix the Мєέessages

Sea the ŚĬĞ₦š

Make the MischiҼҾҿ f

Unfortunately we didn’t make a copy of the message – and 2 little sketches – Haze put in her bottle. But anybody who rescues either of these bottles from oblivion and lets us know who, and where, they are – will be rewarded with a Devon cream tea!


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