Doors are what she draws!

Haze has a new job description: ‘The Drawer of Doors’!

She’s been going to town on the doors in my flat the last week.

This is the bedroom door thrown into the sea

Bedroom door

And the whole door looks positively coastal


The drawings you can see in the background are also Haze’s. I’ve got – at the last count – 19 of her pictures hung up around my flat. It’s turning into H Brown Galleries HQ!

Here is the inside of the bedroom door looking more moony with dusklight

Inside bedroom door

This is the kitchen door given a flowery flourish

Kitchen door

And this airing cupboard door I love – it’s the head of a giraffe. Not that Haze knew she was painting the head of a giraffe.

Giraffe door

A giraffe having a bit of a snooze (probably the thought of all that ironing to do – made him/her go very sleepy)

This is what you’ll see, be confronted with, if I open my front door

Nudey lady door

A nudey lady on the utility door. She can just about look, but she can’t say because she hasn’t got a mouth (yet) A Gobsmacking is on offer to any errant Jehovahs Witness who dares to come calling.

And look who we have here!

Mr Skittles

It’s Mr Skittles! Wondering what you are going to get him: lead or bonio?

He’s the best dog in the world is Mr Skittles because he doesn’t make a mess. And when you don’t want him around anymore – he vamooshes! Only to reappear when required.

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