Day: April 20, 2016

S**!W***!!***I***!F***!T***!! ABOUT IT!!!

Swifts edit

Where’s the……?!

 Do you know where they are?!#?

Don’t ask me#!

I thought you’d bought them with you?!

I thought you had#!#!

And you don’t know either do you buster?!!

Eh? Not me – I never touched um*!*!

And what about you sunny jim?!!

Er no!, my beaks squeaky clean, honest guv!!

Look Missus, you’ll just have to go back!

Why me? Why should I always be the one traipsing off?!#**

You aren’t “traipsing”!. You’re a Swift. A Swift don’t traipse!. A Swift don’t trudge!! A Swift don’t trundle!!! How does a Swift go lads?#**!

Swift Mister!!!

That’s right!. So go on my dear!**!!. Be a good Missus!

Fly back as fast!********!

as fast as!**********!!

fast as fast!************!!!!

as a Swift can possibly!*******!!

swiftly be!********!!

And get them biscuits!**!**!


Words: Ian Nisbet; Illustration: Hazel Brown