Don’t cross the Cormorants!

Cormorants edit

They’ve taken our rock!


Stood there like Lords of the Manor – Pah!

Who do they think they are?!

They think they’re like us.

They can’t be! Mistaken identity!

A Shag is not one of us.

Never was, and never will be.

Well, they do look a bit like us.

What bit?!

Kind of every bit – all over.

They are just inferior upstarts is what they are!. Look at them – a shaggy mockery. Laughable!

Yes, look at the lack of stretch on those wings.

Not just the lack of stretch, the drag and the droop my dear!

Bloody cheek!

We’ve got to do something about this.

Reclaim that Rock.

That Rock is ours.

Always was, and always will be.

Right. Swim over – and Shoo them off!

What me?!

Yes you!

What do I do?!

You flap across and go Shoo! Shoo!! Shoo!!!

Shoo em who’s Boss?!

That’s right. And if that doesn’t work, I’m flying over and bombarding them with sprats!

A cross Cormorant

Is not to be messed with!

We are the Big

The Bigger!

The Better Birds!!

Words: Ian Nisbet, Illustration: Hazel Brown

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