Day: May 8, 2016

Spot The Shag

Various interested parties – including us – were out all Sunday afternoon scouring the length and breadth of Torbay: for any sign of a shag.

There was a shag search party up on Berry head.

Berry head figures

These boats in the bay were all searching for shags too.

Sail boats on the Bay

Could a shag have lodged itself up in one of these pines perhaps?

Marine Pines

I mean, funnier things have happened.

If you can detect anything that remotely resembles a shag in the above pictures could you indicate by means of a cross their exact location.

Then please forward your form (with a £5 submission fee) to : Mr Watnit, c/o Spot The Shag Competition, North, North-West of Thatcher Rock, nr end of Torquay Pier.

Mr Watnit really needs to know. Where the elusive shag might be. Or if it even exists. He has his doubts. Thank you.