Day: May 29, 2016

Wimbling on The Warren

A warm wimble onto Dawlish Warren this Sunday afternoon.

Over the sand duney path to the Spit at the back overlooking Exmouth. This is where all the serious twitchers come to capture birdies with their big lenses.

I’m waving my spotty Lumix into the air vainly trying to film nesting skylarks; but they disappear too quickly into the blue high sky. To be heard still, but not seen.

This about the best I could do; a still from a film clip

Pair of Skylarks

The pair of them larking about. But far too lively and alive to get stuck in a camera.

This dead sea-bird was better. Probably a gull.

Gulled out

All the meaty bits pecked off it. I don’t lament much for gulls. Too many of them pestering about. The deader the better. One less gull = 2 more of some other bird far more interesting.

While I was hopping about looking for skylarks Haze was sat here

Haze on the Warren 2

Exmouth is there on the other side. A strong swimmer could easily swim across.

Look! – points Haze – theres a seal bobbing its head out of the sea. But it was a bit too far out to get a good look at with the camera.

But walking back along the beach here are some sanderlings skittering in and out of the surf.


We took our shoes and socks off and dipped our toesies, like a pair of little sanderlings, into the warm sea. Not really a paddle. But refreshing.

Dawlish Warren is good for birds. And rabbits. And Shetland ponies. Will be well worth another visit this summer.