Day: June 25, 2016

Dug up at the Dig

Over to Ipplepen this afternoon to an archaeological dig open day.

Five years ago 150 Roman coins were found by metal detectorists at this site. In subsequent years more evidence of  extensive Roman occupation (of Devon) has been unearthed.

Read this article in The Guardian for a detailed overview of whats going on.

There were various ‘tribes’ of Britain wandering about. This is a Dumnonii.

Dumnonii 5

He’s reputed to be at least 2,500 years old. A face unknown to soap or water. Mitts made for mucking mudpies.

Then there was this Diggerdumdumii

Diggerdumdumii 2

The Diggery Dumdum had no sense of direction. It was madcapping about like a spare part. Or possibly in dire need of Tony Robinson to hold its hand. Or even more possibly, it had escaped ‘in character’ from the new Mike Leigh film about gormless diggers and dreamers in Devon, ‘Nuts on The Loose’

And here are a pair of SlobusSlobberii


A most ubiquitous of ‘peoples’ (plural intended) Slobusslobberii are not motivated by  ‘wandering about’ as such. More like, layingabout fat flat on the ground for extended periods of time (in grossly perpendicular inclinations)