Boat Trip to Brixham

Over the Bay from Torquay to Brixham this Saturday afternoon. At a steady speed of 9.2 knots it took about 25 minutes. Embarking and disembarking added another 25 minutes.

The sea jiggled a bit. A shag shot off alarmed by our noisy chug.

As we approached Brixham Haze pointed out this

Brixham Boat 1

dads nose had got a spot on it.

Or maybe she was pointing to the house she used to be a child in during the middle of the 20th century.

Once disembarked (an odd word that, ought to mean more than ‘getting off a boat’) we sat on the wide wall of The Breakwater to eat our peppery bacon and tom ‘samwhiches’.

Would we see any shags skimming and sculling off Shoalstone beach? No. Not a one. Instead we saw this

The sun and the surf had got the spaniels happy-mad head (and tail) spinning.

It was getting hot. I was getting burnt. A ‘Peely’ personified.

We slow puffed up acutely steep steps of alleyway to 55 Northview – and looked out on this

Brixham 3

This is the ‘scene’ Haze had looked down on as a child: Brixham in all its beauty, as pretty as a picture.

I can understand now why she’s done all her harbour pictures of boats and houses.

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