Bumble bees in the passion flowers

It was this time last year, exactly a year ago, that i made the little film of ‘A little back garden, being summerly’; lots of wasps, and bees, and butterflies. Oh, and that Lily fat cat.

The Lily fat cat has long gone (been re-located) But the butterflies, and the wasps, and the bumbles bees, are in the garden again, still being summerly.

Butterflywise, we haven’t got a Red Admiral; but we have got what might be a ‘Clouded Yellow’ and a Comma, and lots of Cabbage Whites.

The wasps wasped and the bees bumbled all afternoon long, queuing up to drink till drunk on the passion flowers.

The cricket was burbling away from in the kitchen; at one point Geoffrey Boycott is going on about how some player (probably a hapless English batsman) has got less brains than a pork pie. But I’ve cut his yacketty racket out. Returned the garden to peace, and harmony!


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