Dragonflies mating in Tessier Gardens

Finally, what we’d been waiting for arrived – the sun!

So now we can get over to that little pond, for sure enough, here they are, flying about.

Dragonflies. Red Darters. Dozens of them. Flitting around like helicopters.

Males looking for females. And when they find females they are locking the ladies in.

Into a heart. Grabbing the girls around the neck and joining them fast to their ‘ovipositors’; then aggressively yanking these hapless females around the pond, dipping and dunking them into the water, trying to get them to deposit their eggs (holding fast, so as to prevent other likely lads shunting their sperm in)

I was only hoping to see one or two again, to supplement the fleeting footage I’d got yesterday afternoon with a bit more fleeting footage – of the beating of wings hovered over the lily pads in the pond.

But I got much much more! This was being extraordinary. I was totally transfixed, as locked on to the whole spectacle as the males were locked on to their females. It was intensely absorbing, exhilarating. I shot about 55 minutes of vid clips, of which this film is just the merest 4 minutes.

We were made up me and Haze. We’d just witnessed, and experienced, and shared, yet another Gold Medal Moment together!

Words & Vid : Ian Nisbet


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