Nicey nicey Zoo zoo

Off to Paignton Zoo today (last time i visited was 2009; for Haze it was more than 20 years ago)

There were lots of Gold Medal Moments

A couple of 3 month old lion boy cubs tumbling about, pestering their nice dad (Lucifer)
A tiger cub bouncing between her mom (Shakira) and dad (Fabi).
Meerkats squabbling under a spot lamp.
An emu’s lidded eyes (see next post/vid)
A pure white albino lechwe sat still up on the hill.
An anaconda sloughing off its skin underwater.
A emperor tamarins tufty tufts.

The sweetest moment was saved till last: the red panda.
We had to wait for him/her to wake up and climb down out of his/her fir tree. A keeper had come and stuck bamboo in the top of the roof hut. The sleeping panda, awakes, friskily climbs and circles, racing across right in front of us.

Then we went and had one last look at those little lions cubby bubbing about so cutely.

Here’s the vid.

We were in the zoo all day (5 hours plus)

Come the end, Haze was still bubbing about. Like a cheeky lion cub.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


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