Zoos Blues

We got plenty of cuddly cute value out of Paignton Zoo (see the other vid)
But, at times, we were also feeling a bit chastened, and saddened.

Paignton Zoo is not shabby. They keep their animals well fed and watered.

But it’s not possible to see the solitary cheetah cooped up in its little pen and not feel dismayed; where’s it’s mate? where can it sprint?
It’s lonely life seems redundant, pointless.

And the rhinos. Hardly any left in this world. We’re rapidly slaughtering them into extinction.
The safest places for them appear to be locked away in zoos.
These rhinos look at you with their ears. And they hardly seem to be there at all. As still as soft stone. Forlornly disappearing into their within, sorry for themselves almost. Bereft.

In the vid I’ve also included a weary emu; close up, s/he seemed comical at first, but slowly became parodic, pathetic.

There’s plenty of harmless fun to be had in a zoo.
But there’s also much sorrow.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


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