Day: October 4, 2016

Some Paignton Zooers

A few pictures from last weeks visit to Paignton zoo.

An albino lechwe sat quietly ruminating, aloofly detached.


Don’t think he could be the fella fighting the male who jumped over the back fence and into a suburban driveway last week. Too white and too docile to be a bad bully guy¬† (sadly the escaped male had to be put down)

This baboony couple were ‘at it’ constantly. Or perhaps, more accurate to say, he was ‘at’ her constantly.

When baboon ladies are ‘on’ their bottom bit is swollen up something scandalous.


Here’s an Emperor Tamarin replete with tufty tufts tache.


Didn’t have enough time to have fun with him (or her) (like we’d had with the tufted puffins at Living Coasts)

Here’s the emu again (I put on the vid)


I’m not zooming up here, I was stood this close to it. Daft ain’t it?!

It kept nodding off.


I wanted to find it funny. And it was in a way (absurd looking)

But also giving off something wearily forlorn and melancholic.

Finally, is this stork seen as we were walking towards the exit


How dapper he is, like a fusty old gent. Shame about the netting.

I could put more photo’s on but I think this’ll do.

Words & Photo’s: Ian Nisbet