On the Beach


Looking out……
Through a thin veil
To a cold sea….dancing
To the rhythm of a New Moon.
Tireless urgent waves
Gnaw at my feet
Surfaces shift with sad sighing.
There are depths out there
Where dream creatures dive
In their eye-blind element
Unbounded by memory.
Paper thin gulls drift
Shiftless and silent on
This heavy-breathing
Body of blown sea.
Pungent bladder wrack, wrecks..
Heaves…like old clothes
All washed up.
The weight of rock
The insubstantial cliff
Is poised to fall
Spilling it’s billion year
Jurassic secrets
Into the sea’s stormy deeps
Witnessed only by Buzzard and Kestrel.
Then My child remembered dream,
A Labyrinth  of hollows and shadows
Gets snagged
Where sea meets land…
On an edge…..
A Ledge…..?
And I’m Looking…….?
No where!

Words: Hazel Brown (Oct 2016)


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