Month: October 2016

A Dragonfly’s Touch

We were up in Tessier Gardens waiting for the Southern Hawker.

This Red Darter turned up instead.
He was alighting everywhere: the backs of our hands and arms. He even allowed me to pick him up on my fingertips.
What a delightful dragonfly you were Mr Red Darter!

The Southern Hawker never arrived. Maybe next time.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Beneath the thunderstruck Ash

We’re waiting for the sun to move across towards the little pond.

Waiting. Listening. Calming.


Against this thunderstruck ash.

It’s peaceful here isn’t it Haze?


On this ‘halcyon’ Sunday morning.

Stood here restful. What could be easier.

Waiting for a certain southern hawker dragonfly lady to turn up.

Hope she keeps her appointment.

Words & Photo’s: Ian Nisbet

Delightfulness: Hazel Brown

Peace & Tranquility: Tessier Gardens

Hogs pudding sarnies on Meadfoot Beach

Down to Meadfoot beach this afternoon to wolf down our hogs pudding sarnies.

Yappy yap dogs were everywhere. It’s October 1st. They’re allowed back to shit on beaches for the winter.

Of shags we could see hardly any.

Over towards Paington and Brixham were these little sailboats


Were they racing? No, they were flapping back and forth, as if part of a school.

There was plenty of weather around. The seasky was portentous with voluminous cloud.


Dump a shower of rain and a bolt of thunder up these dogs arses please!

The sailboats flippy flapped on, left to right, right to left across the brothy sea.


Words & Photo’s: Ian Nisbet