Winter Garden Birds

It’s possibly a bit of a stretch to call these ‘winter’ garden birds. We haven’t been having much of a winter up to now.

Dropping in are the daily regulars: a (non yellow-beaked, foreign) blackbird, wood pigeons, herring gulls, a little dunnock; and slightly less frequent magpies. There’s a crow stuffing bread in his/her beak to go bury just off camera to the right; will s/he remember to come back and find it? Probably. Crows are clever.

Haze sees that pair of jackdaws up there on that rooftop everyday. Usually cuddled up together; but like any married couple, they’re prone to the occasional tiff.

A robin and a wren had dropped in over Xmas but were too far out of camera shot to get a clear sighting.

None of these birds need much feeding in this unseasonably warm weather.

But they’re feeding us plenty though. Feeding our imaginations.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet


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