A Day of Limericking

A Day of texting Limericks, too many too naughty to post on here. But here are a few less naughty ones.

There was a young blackbird called Bill
Who constantly wanted to Trill
He sat on the wall
Continued to call
But the cat got Bill and his Trill
– Haze

Grumpy Groundhog squats in his den
He’s moaning with misery again
He grunts and he croaks
On spittle he chokes
It’s only quarter past ten!
– Ian

That Groundhog is dreaming of snow!
On his fingers,  he’s having to blow!
He fumes and he chokes.
Watched by all the blokes.
Who seriously wish he would GO!
– Haze

When you see this lady so fair.
You’ll notice her strutting the stair
With her haze wavy wriggle
And her elegant wiggle
She glides thro and graces the air.
– Ian

You need to do something to while away these dark dreary days.


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