Month: April 2017

Mrs Blackbird gets her beak dirty

Mrs Blackbird has been very busy this week.
She’s giving the plant pots a good going over.
Looking for the muckiest muck.

Got another nest to make.
And more eggs to lay.
And more brooding to do.
And more mouths to feed.

Meanwhile her blackbird bloke dont do nuffin.

Just sits there singing his head off.

Filming: Hazel Brown Vid: Ian Nisbet


Squirrel Nut Fun

To Tessier Gardens to collect a couple of jars of tadpiddlies this afternoon.

And of course a handful of nuts for any squirrel who wants to come down and have his picture taken.

This squirrel looked a little leaner and smaller than Sammi the Squizzler. Could have been his younger cousin.

Stuffing your face with nuts is so much fun if you’re a squirrel.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Blackbird singing in the Wisteria

This is the blackbird that has been visiting the back garden all winter long.

Mr Blackbird flies into the wisteria first thing in the morning. He flushes. He sings. He scratches. He sings. He flits off.

He’s frequently flying back in during the day. To feed. To watch. To sing. To check everything is in order.

His Mississ also flies in to feed from seeds on the little patio wall.

In the evening he flashes back on to the wisteria. He flushes. He sings. He scratches. He flips around. He makes (or has) a bit of a song and dance.

Hazes back garden is his gaffe. Her wisteria is his sentry post.

Mr Blackbird and his Mississ will be making babies soon.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet.