Month: October 2017

Thingy Peeple Nos 7 & 8

A little Tree-Bit looking a bit lost

Thingy Peeple No 7 2

Mutter Sprott is his name

Thingy Peeple No 7

Down here below from a tribe of Grundlings

Thingy Peeple No 8

Bow your head to Runklous Greebly

Institute Beach is where its ‘at’

At least half a dozen cormorants were fishing and feeding together off Institute beach this afternoon.

And then a (big) little egret joined in.

We could see sprats and whitebait leaping up out of the sea.

Institute beach is where its ‘at’.

The Dive is jumping man!

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Stokesy is the man

A robin has taken over Haze’s back garden in the last couple of weeks.

By ‘taken over’ I mean he shoots and scoots about like he owns the garden (and the shed) (and the wisteria) (and the bird table).

The garden has become his manor, his gaffe, his very own possession.

The robin is compulsively obsessed, as if ‘possessed’.

He is. Possessed by his own reflection. In the corner window. Which he mistakenly sees as a rival robin.

So he attacks the window ferociously, fixatedly. So as to get rid of this phony rival.

Why is he called ‘Stokesy’? The colour red is a clue. And the hostile aggressive attitude is another clue.

Not unlike a certain flame-haired English cricketer who’s been involved in a bit of aggravation recently.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Big Barry Dies

Big Barry was scampering around a couple of weeks ago. Lashing his spidery long legs about like whips.

But on Friday he died.

Died slowly and conspiciously, in the middle of the kitchen.

Was he trying to free himself from a cannibal spiders web? (hence why he lost a couple of legs)

Or was he ravaged. By a ferocious female. While on the job. And with duty done had now to do the decent thing – go crawl away and die?.

But his dying was agonising, hopelessly pathetic.

Almost tragic.

Vid: Ian Nisbet; Filming: Hazel Brown

The Life of Brian

He’s been a naughty boy that Brian

Making a Lovely Lady’s hair stand on end

Life of Brian

Whipping the Lovely Ladies hair into a right old frenzy

Life of Brian 2

The Lovely Lady can’t see where she’s going now.

(Don’t go too near the edge of that cliff Lovely Lady)

Storm Brian Manifestations Oct 2017

She’d give that stormy Brian a good talking to she would

(If she could see him)

Yes, a very naughty boy you are Brian.

Don’t do it again.

Storm Brian

Storm Brian edit

Blown and Blustered!
Gusted and Fustered
With temperamental Fluster!
It has whined and its howled
Like tormented Fowls!
Whipped up the trees, shaken their leaves
And Dizzeyed the Bees!
The birds have all flown to a much safer home!

Waves crash and smash on the
Old Harbour walls.
Ships strain their ropes, whilst the
Fishermen’s hopes of taking out boats
Are all dashed and postponed…..’til…..
Old Brian is spent and these storms are soon rent
And Autumn’s warm Sun is content.

– Poem & Words: Hazel Brown