Month: December 2017

New Years Eve Gold

We sat in the car in Meadfoot beach car park for over an hour, drinking coffee, watching, filming; a couple of crows came jumping about in the rain puddles, then the pied wagtail – possibly the one Haze filmed a couple of weeks ago – flitted in.

A lovely sky going on there over the bay. Goldenous clouds being beamed beautiful by the falling winter sun in scintillating gleams and glimmers.

The gloomy turbulence of 2017 given an end of year shine.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Wagtail (of the Pied variety)

Wagtail end

He dips and bobs, busily absorbed on the gritty ground.
A piece of quiet time, long awaited for by this patient bird.
Up and down, to and fro, his rapid pecking beak drills grit.
Looking up, between each bob, eyes alert and beady black
His squared white face, black bonneted head…on watch!
The cars are gone, and all that’s left are the scatterings of
Abandoned crusts, sandwiches too dry, flakes of spilled crisps,
Soggy biscuits……..a feast for wary wagtails!

Waves roll in, the late December afternoon brings rain.
A little gull watches the feasting wagtail from the sea wall,
From my vantage point in one parked car, I watch too and
Make him famous for a day…on film!

Illustration & Words: Hazel Brown

Shag Rock (minus shags)

Saturday afternoon Dec 2017

Walking along Meadfoot beach towards Triangle Point.

Paignton and Goodrington are in the midground behind. On the far horizon is possibly Churston or Clennon Gorge.

That isn’t a shag stood on the top. It’s a gull.

It starts to rain in a minute. So picture taking had to be abandoned.

The next sunsetty photo of Shag Rock WILL have shags in, and on, it.

A waggy pied wagtail

A pied wagtail in the car park at Meadfoot beach giving it a lot of waggy tail this Saturday afternoon.

And a juvenile black headed gull also hanging around for crumbs.

Up on the cliffs over Babbacombe a robin was dipping himself into a puddle for a little wash.
Blackbirds were everywhere.

When the sun is out birds like to crack on looking for food.

A surprisingly warm afternoon.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Hetty The Hanger On

Hetty the hanger on Dec 2017

I’m Hetty the Hanger On
Strung up here
Willing dinner to come
Held from suspended state
In interminable wait
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

As you can see (or can’t see) I’m quite tiny
Sat anywhere but here
You wouldn’t find me
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
Ultra neat and impeccably tidy
Whiling my hours away rather slyly

Hung from the end of my tether
I can hold this pause
For as long, well, as long as whenever
Coz I’m Hetty the Hanger On
My forbearance stretches
Out for forever

I stay silent, imperturbably still
My movement is perfectly nil
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
My will to restrain
From this doors window pain
Is an agonized slow motioned thrill

I revel in monotonous glum
I love to play dead and act dumb
I never feel tedious bored
For with web tightly spun
My trapdoor is sprung
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

Kitchen door spider 4 Dec 2017

I exist to entangle entwine
My patience effortless, sublime
Applying iotas of pressure
For unpleasant pleasure
I’m Hetty the Hanger On

A killjoy suppressor
From minute morsels I dine
I’m Hetty the Hanger On
I negate endeavour
I negative time
My motive malign
For crawly creep crime

With endurance exemplary
I intense intentionally
An alarming arachnid
Pulling strings as expected
Mites must succumb my way eventually
All my window pain worth it
For I’m Hetty the Hanger On

And I’m having such
Ad infinitums of fun!

Poem & Pictures: Ian Nisbet

Kitchen door spider 3 Dec 2017

Grey Heron & Co

Little Institute Beach continues to surprise and amaze.

When the tide goes out all sorts of birds appear to fish and feed in the seaweedy rockpools.

This Saturday there were half a dozen oystercatchers, several cormorants, a little egret (may have been two) a pair of sea-faring swans gliding across the bay, and quite unexpectedly, a grey heron turned up.

A rather stationary grey heron. In half an hours filming it hardly moved. As dusk fell it squatted down into a small scrunchy ball, seemingly asleep.

Yesterday we went back just as a seal was popping its doggy head up above the waves; lasted all of 5 secs (not included in this vid)

What will we see there next I wonder?

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet
Institute Beach Heron Officer: Hazel Brown