A Curious Orange-Gah

I appolgise in advance for this next post.

There will follow a temporary suspension of this blogs usual fixation with everything feathery, fluffy, charming, and cute.

Normal Niceness Service will be resumed forthwith, I promise.

This is a sort of anti-tribute to Mark E Smith of The Fall who died last week.
(Anti, because he was that way inclined)

A Curious-Ah Orange-GAH

I were a right crabby bastard me
Never took yes for an answer

The E in me name = sumwhere where the sun don’t shine.

I could rock a jumper like-ah no other-Err
Old git to cheeky imp to nasty fooker
With one swig of this bottle.

Don’t give me that phoney hero-worship-ah
I’m NOT having it
Any of it.

I spit in yer sanity
I knacker yer normal
I piss on yer raving reasonable-AH

Do I give a fook? Do I fook
I’m no bollock munching hypocritical shite

I made something of meself.
You didn’t have to like it
I never liked it. Liked like.
Better not to like me. Like me.

Go and grab sum other arseholes tits
I’m NOT fookin having it
Any of it.

I was an Odious-Ah


Now fook off!……the lot of yers…..

Leave me in, er, peace……. AAAAH!

Words & Vid Cut Up: Ian Nisbet

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