Day: March 1, 2018

First Day of Spring

It’s officially the First Day of Spring today.

Unofficially, and actually, its the Worst Day of Winter (coldest 1st day of March since records began apparently)

A Rare Event in Buckfastleigh: Snowing (enough to make snowballs with and go sledging on).

Buckfaststein 2 March 2018

The snow blowing in on the back of The Beast from the East.

A slow snow falling frosting fast across the rooftops.

Buckfaststein March 2018

The snow turning the town into a Tyrolian village (well, looked at from a suitable distance away it does)

Snowy Buckie 3

Dreary Buckfastleigh transformed into bleary beautiful Buckfaststein.

The drab town centre car park given a magical make-over.

Snowy Buckie 1

None of those cars, or any car, would be moving tonight. The temperature, like it’s done all week, would be plummeting down towards minus 5.

This is the centre of town at about 5pm this evening.

Snowy Buckie 2

Looking pristine. And as pure….. as the driven snow.