Day: March 20, 2018

A dapper line of gents

From where I am, on the top of Wallaford Hill, I look across and see these neatly estranged row of trees.

Stand of Trees 19th March 2018

Zooming in, they look like they’ve been deliberately, intricately, and intentionally, lined up side by side with one another.

Stand of Trees 3 19th March 2018

To achieve some kind of sculptured show off theatricality.

Like a stand of stagely arranged fussy gentlemen.

Stand of Trees 5 19th March 2018

Next time I’m up there I’ll have to walk over the field to get a closer look, check them out.

Or maybe it would be best to leave them be. Let their stand alone peculiar singularity stay unchecked, and intact.

Some Snow Animals

Numerous wondrous creatures were concieved by the ‘Beast from the East’ this weekend.
A most motley medley of snow spawn.

This Faun was laid low by the pale white afternoon sun

Sheep snow 19th March 2018

It looked at me, yawned, stroked its goatee beard, then gave me the cold shoulder.

This Siberian Snow-Snake was slipped out, stone-cold, from under a blue bush.

Snowform 19 19th March 2018

It lay perfectly, powerfully, still.
I had to creep by imitating the silence of a snowflake.

I almost stepped upon this nesting Ice-Owl. It had 3 little owlets (or icelets) frozen solid inside its frosty feathers.

Snowform 14 March 19th 2018

Its cavernous eyes stared at me with icy disdain.
I dared not stare back.

Of course whenever and wherever you go for a walk there’s bound to be
a doggie yelping and yapping towards you

Sure enough, a dog leapt out from a hedge
The infamous Snooowdle
This one had just done a snowpoop.

Snow Peeple 2 March 18th 2018

Fortunately theres no need to pick it up.

Unlike the little shits done by corporeal canines
A snoowdles poo is odourless and entirely harmless.

And, thankfully,┬áit’ll have melted into thin air by tomorrow.
(the poo – and the snoowdle)

Sexy Snow

An afternoon walk up Wallaford Hill towards Dartmoor.

Snowform 2 March 19th 2018

The limpid sun was shining snowdrifts into curvilinear assortments.

The hush hush lolling and lulling across hedges of multiform mutants.

Snowform 7 March 19th 2018

The higher up I went the deeper and more serpentine these snowforms became.

Snowform 9 March 19th 2018

On the top of the hill the snow mushroomed up over the hedgerows like poppy puffballs.

Snowform 6 March 19th 2018

Great white woolly mammoths curlicued over to suck you under.

Snowform 5 March 19th 2018

Globular spongilla appeared to be engorging and expanding.

Snowform 19th March 2018

Sucky spirals carved like the wet withins of somewhere too intimate.

Snowform 18 19th March 2018

Snow is sensual. Snow is sexy.