Cirl Buntings in the Barley

Off early to Labrador Bay Nature Reserve this Sunday morning.  See if we can get a better look at those curly buntings.

We can. The buntings, a dozen or more, come bunt bunting about right in front of us. We can hardly keep up with them with our cameras.

We’re both completely absorbed, delightfully enthralled, totally thrilled.

Like bandits in the barley are these chubbly cirl buntings.

It feels like that time we were filming red darter dragonflies up at Tessier Gardens. Like we’ve been gifted something magical and marvelous to delight in together.

We filmed wrens hopping about in the hedgerows too, belting out their short sharp songs above the din of the cars on the road behind (a vid of them is in the next post)

A Gold Medal Moment morning.

Vid & Words: Ian Nisbet

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