Month: June 2018

Aerial Acrobats flash by so fast

Every evening there are always at least half a dozen swifts arcing and wheeling around the centre of town.

I know they’re swifts because of the high pitched screaming they do.

This film probably includes some swallows and housemartins also.

Difficult to tell all these aerial acrobats apart when they flash around so fast.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Buckie Bells & Birds

What beautiful summer evenings we’ve had this month.

I’m listening to the church bells being rung from the church on the top of the hill.

And along come a blackbird, a song thrush, a chaffinch, and several jackdaws to sweeten the harmony.

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Tessier Garden Damselflies

Haze filmed Common Blue Damselflies in Tessier Garden this week.

Males mating and merging with the females.

So exquisitely intricate, fragile, delicate.
(although the dominant grip the males lock the females heads into looks fearsomely archaic)

The males then dance and dip the females into the pond to get them to release (oviposit) their eggs.

This has all been going on for millions and millions of years.

Filming: Haze Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet