Month: July 2018

Its Gettin Hot

Wot a hot summer we bin havin.

Need to cool down wiv all these feathers on.
Says Mr Dunnock.
So do I says Miss Blackbird.

Phew! And double phew!

Vid: Ian Nisbet

Swallow chicks in the ruined church

Up at the entrance to the ruined church on the hill last Sunday I found a pair of swallows nests.
I’ve been up several times since to see the (7) chicks first week of life.

I’ve mostly watched the nest nearest the front porch that was most visible and filmable. On my last visit one chick had fallen out of this nest (or was knocked out) and lay splat on the flagstones underneath.

The 2 sets of parents were swallow-diving in just about every minute with insects caught on the wing.

First time I’ve ever filmed swallows. First time I’ve ever filmed chicks of any bird in a nest being fed. Enthralling.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Young Blacky Got Lots to Learn

Blackbird dad has been bringing his kids in to the garden in the last few days.
Teaching them the proper ways to behave in the Hazey Daze cafe.

How to peck up the blobs of white bread (that the kind lady mam leaves scatttered around)
How to sip in little beakfuls from the big bowl of water (the kind lady mam leaves on the chair)
How to jump onto the willow and tuck into tasty fatballs (that kind lady mam has lugged all the way down from the shops)
How to dig up a slimey brown slug or 2 (that kind lady mam would quite like rid of)

Most important of all: How to stop livin in a fuzzy wuzzy dream world
– and WAKE UP!

One kid in particular seems slow on the uptake. Gazing about like he ain’t got a care, or a worry, in the world. He’d better get wiv his blackbird programme fast. Otherwise he’s gonna be made dinner of. By next doors cat.

Filming: Haze Brown & Ian Nisbet; Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Jack ack daw alarm clock

This is how I’ve been getting rudely awoken every morning this month.

By 200 plus ack jacking clattering jackdaws.

Less than a stone throws away from my bedroom window.

Not that I would throw a stone of course.

At the infuriating dinfully delightful little fluckers.

I suppose you could call it an early daws daw (n) chorus (or cackoffphony)

Vid & Chonic Lack of Sleepfulness: Ian Nisbet