Month: October 2018

Of Alarmed & Lighted Wings

As the back garden sparras attack the fatballs and feeders
They in turn get attacked and alarmed by the life or death sirens racing back and forth from Torbay Hospital.

The World of Shrieking Siren.
Or the World of Squabbly Sparrow.

Take your pick.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Mini Mushroom Marvels

I walked up to the cliffs this sunny Saturday afternoon looking for birds

And instead found mini mushrooms

Mushrooms 3 Oct 2018

They looked harmless enough (to pick and eat)

Mushrooms 6 Oct 2018

But of course when you don’t know its best not to take the risk

Mushrooms 4 Oct 2018

They were sprouted around the woody bracken in hidden clusters

Mushrooms 5 Oct 2018

Around the bread and cheese trees I could hear (but not see) what sounded suspiciously like goldfinches

Mushrooms 7 Oct 2018

Picking off the haws and berries.

None of these mini mushroom marvels looked like they were going to be eaten by bird or beast (or me)

Seemingly tasked to be stood there as pointy hatted pixie dwellings. Faerie shelters in case of rain.

Mushrooms 8 Oct 2018

Decoy Ducks et al

Decoy Park: home this early Friday evening to Coots, Moorhens, Tufted Ducks, a (juvenile) Greylag Goose.
Also swans, (not on vid) black headed gulls (partially on vid), mallards (only vaguely on vid)
Plus shrieking gulls and screeching girls (thankfully both gulls and girls edited out of vid)

I was hoping to see the Great Crested Grebe apparently seen here a few days ago. But no luck.
All that shrieking and screeching made it scarper. Go fly off for a bit of peace and quiet somewhere else.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Hummingbird Hawkmoth (revisited)

Hummingbird Hawkmoth edit

Illustration: Hazel Brown

We were on the look out, waiting for it, hoping it might.

It did. Return. Once. Then again a few weeks later.
Humming and hovering over the buddleia.

Quick! Where’s the camera?!
But the films we got were only fleeting, barely in focus.

Probably not the same moth we saw back in August.
But still just as astonishing.

Lets hope for more astonishment next year.

The Green Lane

Green Lane edit

Climbing up beneath arches of ash, hazel and oak, aware of the narrow stony, stumbling rise through the the wood.

A holloway of tangled bracken, bramble, hung with an over abundance of old man’s beard. Ivy too, climbed, clung in dark green garlands, twisting its knotted tendrils in a bid to strangle the tightly growing tall trees.

No birds sing.
No breeze stirs the humid August air.

Through a breathable mesh of broken twigs, is a glimpse of the sea!
Caught in perpetual frantic movement the glittering waves dance beneath.

The startling morning sunlight.

On we climb, the path twists and turns blinking in dark and light, until leaving the dark holloway.
To reach a clearing.
Where the widening sky and horizon meet.

And still no birds sing.

Words & Illustration: Hazel Brown

A Tall Turkey Twizzler

A walk into the back end of Ela Woods got me onto pasture dotted in grazing sheep and honking geese.
Following the geese up the rutted path lead me to a farmyard choka with chickens, ducks – and tall turkeys.

One tall turkey twizzler decided to come down to the gate to see what I’d got to offer.
Er, I got nothing for you, Mr Wattle.
Go and stuff yourself somewhere else – you greedy gobbler!
(Don’t think this turkey is going to be ticked off our birder twitchlist)

Walk, Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet