There was this tortoise crossing the road ….

Walking down Parkfield Rd towards Torquay coach station yesterday I nearly stepped on this.

Tortoise 2 March 2019

It was actually much nearer the kerb than pictured there (I’d moved it back a bit)

It had been about to cross the road.
Not a good idea.

I re-picked it up to ascertain if it was still alive.
It was.

Tortoise March 2019

As you can see very much still alive.

Where had it come from? Had it just woken up from its long winter hibernation? Was it an escapee? And was it really going to cross that road?

No it wasn’t. Because I wasn’t going to let it. The sweet little fella would have been crunched under the wheels of a car and totally splattered.
I carried it off to a small copse at the back of the street. Placed it down carefully in some scrubby vegetation. Blew it a kiss. Quietly waved it goodbye.

Hopefully its happily still up there munching through the greenery. Content to have been rescued from the concrete jungle below.

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