Woolly Mommeths

Woolliness 1 April 2019

A walk to Hembury Woods yesterday morning didn’t fetch up any feathers to film. So in the absence of good bird I resorted to default option B: photoing sheep.

A ton of wool on offer. You could make a couple of cardigans out of that ewes back and still have enough left over for a scarf and 6 pairs of socks.

The springtime lambs were bouncy with tea cosy cuddliness too.

Woolliness 2 April 2019

This lamb clocked me and gave me what looks like a little sheepish smile.

Woolliness 5 April 2019

Another lamb gave me a bit more of a sniffy look.

Woolliness 4 April 2019

In the meantimeĀ the wollly mommeths (their munching mothers) chomped relentlessly on.

Woolliness 7 April 2019

Chomp chomp chomp. Hardly picking their heads up to look around let alone be bothered by somebody as silly as me.

If they keep chomping at the rate they’re going these curly wooleths will be looking like this by Easter.


(underneath all that tonnage of wool is an Australian chap called Chris. Got himself into the news a few years ago for breaking the world record as the biggest, woolliest, heaviest, sheep ever sheared. Read about it here)

Words & Pics: Ian Nisbet

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