We started this blog as a contrast to our first blog Nizz and Nuss, as it was felt that we needed to express something a bit more considered and consequential. Or, as Haze puts it ,’More worthy’.

Hazel (Brown) has been ‘at it’ (illustrating and painting) for hundreds of years already. Ian (Nisbet) is hopefully going to ‘be at’ (doing wordies and viddies and stuff) for just as long.

The blog is a kind of seed-centre for various creative inspirations, aspirations, imaginations. We’ll drop down here new projects, videos, original ideas for books, poetry, photo’s, stories, artwork.

Jan 2018 Update: Subliminal Threads is turning into a Bird blog. It’s just Birds, Birds, and more Birds lately. We can’t get enough of them Birds. Hence the need for that ‘Birds Now!’ page on the top there. Tweet! Tweet!

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