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Misty Pines

Where is this?

Are we in the Honshu forests of Hokkadio?

Misty pines 5 Feb 17th 2018

Are we looking towards the marine pines of Monterey Bay?

Misty pines 10 Feb 17th 2018

No. It’s the top end of Meadfoot beach.

Wrapped up in shrouds of sea mist.


Kingfisher flashes by

Twice we’ve seen a kingfisher flashing around Institute beach.

Aren’t they only meant to be found around rivers? Apparently not. They’ll come to the coast and feed around shallow waters.

We watched a Winterwatch that featured kingfishers dipping and diving, fishing and fighting, in Ramsgate harbour.

The kingfisher we saw could have been a male, there to claim and protect the little lagoon of Insititute beach as his homebase.

He (or she) was too fast to get into our cameras.

Kingfisher 3 edit
But he flew tantalisingly near to the wall where we were watching.

An old Christian (man) came up to tell us he’d seen the kingfisher perched on the railings barely 10 feet away from where we stood. About half an hour ago. While we were out on the rocks on the other side of the beach. Boo, Bum, and Buggeration!

Kingfisher 2 edit

That would have been the Gold Medal Moment.

And the Triple Gold Medal Moment is the kingfisher plunging into the sea and coming up clean with a fish in its mouth. With our cameras locked on, zoomed in, filming it all.

Oh well. There’s always a next time. And a one day.

Birds make you mad. With excitement. With delight.

Illlustrations: Hazel Brown; Words: Ian Nisbet

Long Tailed Tits

Long Tailed Tits.

Three times this winter the garden has been blessed with a fleeting visitation from these fairytale tweeties.

Here is a pic of Long Tailed Tit (enough to warm the sugar in every great grannies teacup)

Long Tailed Tit Feb 2018

Say “Long Tailed Tits”. And then listen to your heart go “Awwwwww”.

Easy winner of the Cutest Birds in The World Award.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Curious Orange-Gah

I appolgise in advance for this next post.

There will follow a temporary suspension of this blogs usual fixation with everything feathery, fluffy, charming, and cute.

Normal Niceness Service will be resumed forthwith, I promise.

This is a sort of anti-tribute to Mark E Smith of The Fall who died last week.
(Anti, because he was that way inclined)

A Curious-Ah Orange-GAH

I were a right crabby bastard me
Never took yes for an answer

The E in me name = sumwhere where the sun don’t shine.

I could rock a jumper like-ah no other-Err
Old git to cheeky imp to nasty fooker
With one swig of this bottle.

Don’t give me that phoney hero-worship-ah
I’m NOT having it
Any of it.

I spit in yer sanity
I knacker yer normal
I piss on yer raving reasonable-AH

Do I give a fook? Do I fook
I’m no bollock munching hypocritical shite

I made something of meself.
You didn’t have to like it
I never liked it. Liked like.
Better not to like me. Like me.

Go and grab sum other arseholes tits
I’m NOT fookin having it
Any of it.

I was an Odious-Ah


Now fook off!……the lot of yers…..

Leave me in, er, peace……. AAAAH!

Words & Vid Cut Up: Ian Nisbet