Birds Countryside

Goldfinches in the Hawthorn

A lovely morning up on the cliffs above Babbacombe Bay this Easter Saturday.

Goldfinches were in the hawthorn.

Puffling and chittering away to their, and our, hearts content.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Song Thrush Sounds the Alarm

This song thrush was in the lane at Bowling Green Marsh last Wednesday.

Mimicking various alarms and electronic gadgetry (it sounded to me)

How energetically, and earnestly, it was trying to make itself heard gave me a little lump in my throat.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

Roisterous Rooks

There’s always been plenty of jackdaws jack acking about town.
But where were the rooks.
Time to go have a look.

And here was one, almost immediately.
Sat on a TV aerial at the back end of town.

Rook 2 Dec 2018

He was doing a kind of roiking gurgitation of his gullet (which you can hear on the vid below)

As soon as I got out to the top fields above town, there the rooks were, drilling those long horny beaks into the grass, stabbing up worms.

There’s probably a roost up there somewhere they all congregate in (will have to check it out in the new year)

When I got back home this was happening in the silver birch outside the kitchen window. I ran for the camera.

Rook 3 Dec 2018

Rawking and roistering off it was, in a bit of a flap about something.

Rook 4 Dec 2018

First time I’ve ever seen a rook coming into the centre of town.
Maybe it had come looking for me.

Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet