Birds Garden

Bless You Blackbird

There’s been no blackbird in the back garden since August.

Had they abandoned, forsaken, us?
No. This fit young chap suddenly appeared at dawn yesterday.

Haze was overjoyed.
Never has a blackbird been more wanted, more welcome.

A portent perhaps of hopeful things, and happier times, to come.

‘Bless you blackbird’ indeed.

Filming (& crying): Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet


Of Alarmed & Lighted Wings

As the back garden sparras attack the fatballs and feeders
They in turn get attacked and alarmed by the life or death sirens racing back and forth from Torbay Hospital.

The World of Shrieking Siren.
Or the World of Squabbly Sparrow.

Take your pick.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Words & Vid: Ian Nisbet

A Bald Magpie

At this time of year you might see the occasional garden bird looking baldy bonced.
The baldness is moult or mite related.

The slightly desperate way this magpie was attempting to attack the feeders suggests a bird eager to boost his depleted resources.

The wing and tail feathers appear healthy enough so in all likelihood it will have a fully feathered head eventually.

He’ll revert back to being a horrid magpie. Rather than a hair-raising horrible little vulture.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet

Charming Goldfinches

You wait for one goldfinch to arrrive and 2 turn up, then 3.

Picking and popping away on those sunflower seeds.

In this vid you see sparrows muscling in onto the feeder, attempting to knock the goldfinches down the pecking order.

Hey cheeky sparras! –  peckin goldfinches bottums and pinchin their sunflower seeds is not allowed. Its norty, stop it!

Vid: Ian Nisbet