Birds Garden

Young Blacky Got Lots to Learn

Blackbird dad has been bringing his kids in to the garden in the last few days.
Teaching them the proper ways to behave in the Hazey Daze cafe.

How to peck up the blobs of white bread (that the kind lady mam leaves scatttered around)
How to sip in little beakfuls from the big bowl of water (the kind lady mam leaves on the chair)
How to jump onto the willow and tuck into tasty fatballs (that kind lady mam has lugged all the way down from the shops)
How to dig up a slimey brown slug or 2 (that kind lady mam would quite like rid of)

Most important of all: How to stop livin in a fuzzy wuzzy dream world
– and WAKE UP!

One kid in particular seems slow on the uptake. Gazing about like he ain’t got a care, or a worry, in the world. He’d better get wiv his blackbird programme fast. Otherwise he’s gonna be made dinner of. By next doors cat.

Filming: Haze Brown & Ian Nisbet; Vid: Ian Nisbet


Goldfinch (amongst the Sparrows)

Finally, this Saturday in the back garden – came the bird we’ve been waiting and preparing for all summer: a Goldfinch.

A most handsome bird. He visited the sunflower feeder 3 times (at least)

While all around cheeky sparrows were mucking about.

Goldfinch on a telegraph wire

A goldfinch sat up there on a telegraph wire.

Would he fly down to the feeder tray in the garden full to bursting with sunflower seeds? (which Haze had gone up to the shops to buy especially for him and his mates)

No he wouldn’t (didn’t) (hasn’t) And he probably won’t be back again this summer.

Its Ok though. He was seen.

And filmed by a very dedicated birdwatcher/filmer.
Who also provides a lovely commentary.

Filming & Commentary: Haze Brown

Mr & Mrs Blackbird chillin out wiv worms and stuff

Mr & Mrs Blackbird visit the back garden several times a day.

Mr Blackbird is always digging up a fat tasty worm.

Mrs Blackbird appears to be visiting not just to eat, but to take time out, as if in need of a welcome rest. Maybe she’s got a full nest of chicks on the go now, so requires a little breather.

The back garden has become her perfect place to come and relax, unruffle (her feathers) chill out.

Filming: Hazel Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet

A pair of blue tits and a flashy Goldcrest

Infrequent visitors to the garden back in the winter: a pair of blue tits.
Chased off the feeders by that little Stokesy Robin. And that Brenda Blackcap.

And an even more infrequent visitor: a tiny Goldcrest.
In and out like a flash ( came in with the Long Tailed Tits back in February)

Here he was, there he went.

If you’d blinked you’d have missed him.
Luckily gimlet-eyed Haze didn’t blink.

The blue tits, like the great tit, appear to have gone. Won’t visit again for a while. But they’ll be back in the winter.

Filming: Haze Brown; Vid: Ian Nisbet